Cadence of Acadiana

The support coordinator will determine if the recipient is eligible for services by virtue of medical and/or other applicable eligibility requirements of the Elderly and Disabled Adult Waiver population as defined by the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). The following are the specific eligibility requirements for Elderly and Disabled Adult Waiver:

  • Recipients who qualify for admission to a nursing facility and are over age 65 or adults age 21 or over, who are disabled according to Medicaid standards may receive Medicaid Reimbursed case management services under the Elderly and Disabled Adult Waiver.

The point of entry for the Elderly is the Bureau of Community Support and Services (BCSS) and they can be reached by calling 800-660-0488.

For more information about the Elderly and Disabled Adult Waiver, contact the CADENCE office nearest you.