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The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilties (OCDD) is the point of entry for the Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Testing (EPSDT) population. OCDD determines the recipient's eligibility and completes the initial intake and obtains the Freedom of Choice (FOC) form. The support coordinator determines the need, appropriateness and desire for support coordination services.

Recipients that are between the ages of 0 and 21 years old inclusive on the NOW waiver waiting list and meet the following specific eligibility requirements:

  • Placement on the NOW waiver waiting list on or after October 1, 1997, completion of the OCDD Diagnosis and Evaluation (D&E) and receipt of a statement of eligibility for state operated MR/DD Services from OCDD and have passed the OCDD D&E process by the later of October 20, 1997 or the date they were placed on the NOW waiver waiting list.
  • Placement on the NOW waiver waiting list on or after October 20, 1997, but the OCDD D&E process has not yet been completed. These EPSDT recipients will either eventually complete the D&E process and receive a statement of eligibility. However, they may still receive support coordination services if they meet the definition of special needs.
  • Special needs is defined as a documented, established medical condition, as determined by a licensed physician, that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay or that gives rise to a need for multiple medical, social, educational and other services. The determination of special needs for cases of hearing impairment must be made by a licensed audiologist or physician.
  • Documentation that substantiates that the EPSDT recipient meets the definition of special needs for support coordination services includes but is not limited to:
    • Receipt of special education services through the state or local education agency;
    • Receipt of specialized regular medical services from one or more physicians;
    • Receipt of or application for financial assistance such as SSI because of a medical condition or the unemployment of the parent due to the need to provide specialized care for the child;
    • A report by the recipient's physician of multiple health of family issues that impact the recipient's ongoing care.
  • A documentation of developmental delay based upon the Parent's Evaluation of Pediatric Status, the Brignance Screens, Child Developmental Inventories, Denver Developmental Assessment or any other nationally recognized diagnostic tool.

  • For more information about EPSDT eligibility, contact the CADENCE office nearest you.