Cadence of Acadiana

Cadence of Acadiana, Inc. has used itís extensive successes with case management in the Elderly Disabled Adults Medicaid waiver, Infants and Toddlers Early Steps, EPSDT and New Opportunities Medicaid waiver populations to create a reintegration services program for juveniles in out-of-home placements.

Cadence has highly trained Youth Re-entry Specialists (YRS) that can offer personalized service to the youth, their family, and the residential facility to ease the transition from out-of-home placement. The YRS is trained using the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment and Learning Plan, which assists with general life skills.

Cadencesí Youth Re-entry Program is dedicated to providing services that will result in success for our clients. We are committed to advocating, educating and linking clients to personalized resources that will make their goals attainable.

For more information contact the CADENCE office nearest you.